English Virtual YouTuber – Funny Moments Compilation

I made a compilation video of my path until now.
I became a virtual YouTuber for learning English. My first post was on December 31, 2019. At that time I knew nothing, but had a bunch of ideas.

After posting some videos I was really discouraged with the quality of them and how bad my English was. I thought I could make better. I thought I could speak better. I was worrying about everything, but there was no answer.

Those days continued. And at one point I stopped caring about them. I accepted just the way I was. Why? What else could I do?

It’s been about 2 months and I’ve uploaded 13 videos so far. I’ve learned several applications I never used before. My shooting and editing skills, and hopefully my English have improved a little. Some people have found me. Some people have praised my videos.

I feel I’m moving forward day by day even though they’re just small steps. From now on, I think I can make longer and more meaningful(?) videos as well. I still don’t know many things, but still have a bunch of ideas.

The other day I came up with these sentences. So, I’ll end with them.

Don’t be proud. No one cares about you.
Don’t be afraid. No one cares about you.

Thanks for reading. I really appreciate your views, likes, and comments.
You guys make my day.

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