Live2D + FaceRig Virtual Youtuber Software

Popular 3D avatar webcam image tracking tool, FaceRig with Live2D module, supports Live2D Cubism able to use and import Live2D models as avatars for webcams.

FaceRig can be used by any apps that uses a webcam to communicate, like Skype, etc. It allows the user to work their real webcam stream and render it with their avatar data thereby to be made available for use by other webcam enabled apps via it’s virtual webcam.

Accurately tracks the face and hands (with built-in support of Leap Motion). Supports Intel RealSense Camera. Professionally developed software, 3D modelling industry standard quality.

Generally, tailored for gamers, modelling and animation artists, members of various fandoms, streamers, web casters, YouTubers, and home-based digital actors broadcasting online media streaming platform.

FaceRig comes with 3 versions and heaps of DLC’s. First released in 2015, developed by Holotech Studio.

Available on Steam:…

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